I spent the majority of today with my Farmor. She had minor repair surgery on a hernia. I basically just sat with her in her little recovery room, chatting off and on when she wasn't sleepy, quietly reading my magazine and book in a little chair, and grabbing ice and water for her scratchy throat. I didn't feel like I did too much to help today, but I know that being sick is a LITTLE bit cheerier when those that I love are around me.

Arden and I spent the evening out and about with some friends. It was a swell time. Excellent food and excellent company.

I realized today that tomorrow is the first Saturday in a long time we haven't had anything going on. I think we will relish in our free time because it will be the last day off for a little while.

The soundtrack of my evenings as of late has been the Charlie Brown Christmas album. The Vince Guaraldi Trio does a wonderful job of creating jazz Christmas music that makes for great "background music" but at the same time is noticeable enough to make any home warm. It sets the perfect tone to a day at home.

Christmas is upon us, and there is much to do.

Oh, I've been trying to find a song that Death Cab for Cutie contributed to a Christmas album of some sort, but I can't for the life of me remember what the song is called. Can anyone help me out?


Cass said…
The Death Cab song is "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"...If that is the one you were thinking of...Hope your Farmor recovers quickly!! Had so much fun with you guys last night!