Turkey Time

The next best thing to Thanksgiving and turkey dinners is the turkey sandwiches that follow the next week. I loooooooove turkey, and family time, and road trips with Mr. Kobewka, and autumn, and special moments.

Arden and I began our weekend extravaganza on Friday by getting a stellar deal on a rental car. We got our hands on a little Suzuki Swift and proceeded to scoot around the city running errands we haven't been able to do without a vehicle. A year of bus-ing around has been really good for us thus far. Our grocery store and bakery are a block away. Our jobs are one bus away. Our church is a 10 minute walk away. We are steps away from the river valley when we get the urge for walks/runs. I really love our little community. BUT.... when the chance make ONE grocery trip instead of a billion little ones arises it's a pretty sweet time spent in a car.

We spent Friday evening scooting around and then decided to treat ourselves to dinner in a really obscure part of the city that we normally can't get to otherwise. We ended up just eating at Red Lobster. Not very epic. BUT... it was on the total west end of the city AND we totally drove there.

Saturday we drove to have noodles at our favorite little Chinese restaurant. We haven't been able to go since these folks were here last summer.

A bowl of steamy noodles warmed us up fast and we then proceeded to enter the mayhem of Thanksgiving shoppers. Oh man. 40 minutes of standing in line for groceries was certainly a great time. We are very thankful to have a little fridge that is full.

Sunday the road trip extravaganza extended to Bowden for dinner with the in laws. and Monday took us to Lacome for turkey with these folks. I'm always thankful for time with family. I have a very beautiful family indeed.

This morning I caught my breath a little bit and enjoyed a little more of autumn. Even after a long weekend, I find myself wishing for just one more day off. This week Arden and I will be hitting the ground running every morning. More students, more rehearsals, more meetings and then this weekend I take off to play music at a woman's retreat where I will get to be ladylike. In a good way.

This morning I dug out my winter sweaters. My heart is very warm indeed.


Arden and Erika said…
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Arden and Erika said…
Hah. And you call me an old man for wearing my sweaters. Look who is talking, punk.
Love, Arden
Erika Britt said…
There's a difference between sweaters and sweater vests!... and slippers... and reading chairs...old man. But, oh how I love you!