'tis the season.

Know what today is? Oct. 31st. Which means tomorrow it is officially the Christmas season. Yesterday Arden picked up our first box of these:

So cheap and juicy and just awesome. There is no snow on the ground but it doesn't even matter because it is Christmas and I have mandarin oranges on my table.

We are needing to get our parcels shipped overseas by mid-month so I will have to start my Christmas shopping soon. Christmas shopping/mass commercialism/corporate Christmas advertising/people spending lots of money stresses me out every year so I am determined to make some little handmade gifts this year.

Tomorrow I can also whip out my Christmas music. Weeeeeeeeee!!! No Christmas is complete without this guy.

No season for that matter is ever complete without Sufjan Stevens. I almost dressed up as him for Halloween. That might have been a little excessive, so I decided not to.

In other news, my new job is going just swell. It is a perfect job in which I don't have to worry about work once I leave at the end of the day. It does make for three longer days during the week as I leave directly from the bakery to go teach and usually don't get home until 7 or 8. However, it is going to be good to be able to save a little extra for our journeys ahead.

Time for me to hit the hay tonight. Sorry for a very non-focused post, but that's all I got tonight. Hope you are all well little hearts!


darien said…
Erika....I'm actually going to post a comment because I feel exactly the same way! I dislike Halloween because of a traumatic experience, but I love November 1st because it's Christmas....but I admit that I make myself wait for putting on the music till the 12th. I love reading your blog...I check every day. I'm so happy about your life!
Cass said…
They have already started playing christmas music in the mall...I have forgotten how much I hate malls at Christmas, but working in one is beginning to remind me. The whole commercialization of Christmas always really gets to me when I'm in the mall for too long...I plan on avoiding them as much as possible...aside from getting to and from work :P
Glad to hear your job is swell! Hope the oranges are too!
Carla said…
Ha! I love that "it's Christmas" at Erika and Arden's house already! Christmas oranges aren't as popular here... it's so sad! We'll have to just keep waiting I guess. Nathan and I have been feeling extra sentimental about Christmas lately too. Thank you so much for your e-mail. It meant SO much to me, Erika. I haven't had any internet access until today, but I'd love to write back soon! Love you and miss you.