I am attending a woman's retreat this weekend. Last year I was pretty adamant that I was just "with the band" but this year I'm actually pretty excited about it. Still no basket weaving for me though.

One of the things that we are asked to bring along is a mug filled with goodies to give away. I really didn't want to go to the dollar store so I opted for a more vintage one from our local thrift store. A friend of mine showed me last year how lovely a tea cup can be as a gift. It's true. Tea time for me is one of life's simple treasures so I filled the cup with organic dark chocolate, a cute 'lil tea spoon, and multiple packs of organic chamomile tea.

Of course I couldn't leave the thrift store without browsing. I tucked three little vintage plates in my cart. If anyone has old "grandma" plates in their basement, please pass them on to me. I can't get enough of them. I love our miss-matched dinner ware.

I also found the perfect flower pot for a little plant that I am proud to say, I nursed back to health all by myself.

I received some awesome news yesterday evening. Quite "randomly" yet at precisely the right time. I was stepping off the bus when I got a call from a lady asking me to play violin at a fundraiser that is being advertised by the Edmonton Folk Festival. I guess it is their biggest fundraiser and over 300 people normally show up. I have a three hour time slot to fill over the lunch hour! I have a lot of planning to do to come up with a program of "lunch music" but I'm so stoked! Yay for a gig!

Happy Friday Friends!


Carla said…
Yay, Erika! Can I come be your little piano player?