Today I got a new part time job. I've been looking for things to occupy my mornings with and seeing how my husband and I are going traveling in 7 months, we thought it might be a little handy to save our pennies for the trip. I took a couple mornings this week and dropped my resume off at a whole bunch of places, and wouldn't you know it, our neighborhood bakery/cafe called me back for an interview. It is a cosy little place that smells just like home because it always smells like fresh bread. They are really flexible with my hours, the pay is pretty great, I don't have to wake up at ridiculously early hours like most bakers, BUT I DO get the enchanting, whimsical atmosphere much like this movie... at least I'm hoping so. I get to make everything from scratch, all homemade and crafty, I get to keep my nose ring where it is (let's get our priorities straight people), and my "part-time" job is a block from my house. Good and great.


Carla said…
sounds perfect, friend! yay!
Cass said…
hooray for good jobs!
M said…
sounds brilliant! :)

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