fiesta from scratch.

I had a friend come over last night and we made fajitas and all the fixings from scratch. Home-made tortillas (they took a lot of time I will admit), guacamole, and salsa.

Lately I've been trying to support local super markets and trying to purchase foods that are grown locally. It's a little tricky sometimes. Over the past couple of years I've slowly become a supporter of organic foods and wholesome cooking/living. It's crazy how much of our food is over processed and packed with preservatives and hormones. There is far too much information I could insert here with reasons why we should support the organic food industry but if you're interested at all here are some sources that I found useful.

Planet Organic
Food to Live By

I have to admit that I have been more taken aback with the affect that "corporate grocery stores" have on the livelihood of third world communities. Don't even get me started on fair trade. I've learned a lot from having lived overseas. It opens up your world view to a people group's culture where their whole livelihood is gleaned from the earth. There are real people behind the apple that you buy at the supermarket! Regardless of the health benefits of organic living, knowing that I'm supporting local farmers and the world community is an awesome thing. Check out your local farmer's markets, organic food stands, and independent cafes and restaurants that offer fair trade products. It made my heart warm when I saw a sign in our community looking for homes that were interested in participating in a neighborhood vegetable garden.
Alright, that's my little plug for the day. Next week I'll whip out my environmental one. Recycle, recycle, recycle yo!

On a completely different note it was good to have an evening at home last night. Supper with friends, a two hour phone conversation with family far away, and a beautiful movie with my husband. Perfect.


M said…
...And there is something about fairtrade food that even seems to taste better. Am I just imagining it? or is there a warm fuzzy feeling that comes from doing something good that messes with the tastebuds?

I love reading yr posts, Erika! :)
Cass said…
your foods look yummy!
as far as food goes, there's something comforting in knowing exactly where it comes from--i cannot eat store-bought beef, especially since i can get TOP quality beef from my grandparents' farm, and I know exactly how the cows have been fed and such...mmmmmmmmsteak....