I got back from the retreat this evening. It is good to be home. Even though retreats are meant to help you get away, each moment this weekend seemed to be occupied with something. It was good though. So good. Beautiful moments. Beautiful friends. Beautiful community. Beautiful time.

It was good to be among women. And boy there were a few of them.

I enjoyed the beautiful fall days over the weekend.

I had a taste of my college days in dorms when some girls came into my cabin belting some top40 song at 2am. I think I'm getting old. I was slightly annoyed. eek! I got over it pretty quick and went back to sleep though.

I played lots of violin and it was good. I'm a little exhausted.

I participated in an art workshop. We were given little pictures of people with striking features or people doing an action and asked to paint, scribble, or sketch. The only instruction was to do it quickly and not think too hard about it, but just do whatever came naturally. My finished painting was this.

The photo makes her hair look more like 'fro then curls but I was somewhat content with how I was able to use art mediums that I'm not really comfortable with.

I enjoyed the dialogues that happened. We talked a lot about community. Our own definitions of community. Our personal places in community. It made me think a lot about how there are moments in my day where I feel really alive. Where I know that I am doing exactly what I was created to do. It is such a simple reality, but it is so beautiful. A community in which each person is doing exactly what they were created to do is such a beautiful thing. What joy and freedom is found there. It makes me feel so alive just thinking about it.

I enjoyed the dialogues that Arden and I shared this evening. I especially enjoyed the warm socks of his that he lets me wear. It is good to be home.