90 days and 90 nights

We are celebrating 3 months of marriage today. I must say that marriage is pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

Some of the new little things I've learned about Arden are...
*He likes old man sweaters and slippers in the evenings. They help take away the "chill in his shoulders". (*big grin*)
*He encourages me with even the tiniest accomplishments in life. Making stellar stew in the slow cooker. Coming up with a new craft idea. New musical accomplishments. Longer runs.
*He is much like a giant teddy bear when he first wakes up.
*His late night reading consists of: A couple pages from a music theory textbook and whatever theological book he is working on at the time. Right now it is the "Celebration of Discipline".
*He lives simply and loves extravagantly.

Tonight we are spending the evening eating pizza, drinking coca cola and I'm working on an early-Christmas-tester-craft. Mmmmm good.