1 in 100

Yesterday I found a little message on our camera from my husband. It was sweet.

This morning I got a little message from him on my phone. It went something like this:
"I got us in the draw, I got us in the draw! We're all going to McDonalds to celebrate. Call me back, OK bye!" *click*

So I called my excited husband back.
I guess our local radio station, Sonic is doing a little contest. Long story short.

*Arden was caller number nine.
*Arden was on the radio this morning.
*He got entered in an exclusive draw for a huge deposit on a new home, free groceries for a year, a 5000 dollar shopping spree, and many other little things that are nice and slightly luxurious.
*We have a 1 in 100 chance of winning.
*We get to attend a little dinner on Nov. 3rd where the special draw will be made.

Who knows. If anything, we'll get a free dinner and a great story out of it.

P.S: If you haven't checked out Radiohead's new album... and the story behind it, you should. It is better than butter.


Cass said…
Ah. The "own your own home edition" contest...That would be pretty freakin' sweet if you won...But then you would have to get a car, because the home is way out on the Anthony Henday...but then, you would have a home. :) Reading your blog reminds me that I really should get back to mine...stupid facebook!
Carla said…
ooo! go arden with the free stuff!