sun shiny day

I made this today and decided to scan it for you all.

1. This morning I went to Grant MacEwan to pick up my recital DVD, do some paper work with the registrar, and lurk the hallways that are brimming full of new students. Oh how I miss school. I stopped by my previous music instructor's office and we had a wonderful conversation about where I am at musically, and what my next steps should be. Continuing to take risks in music, getting my face out there by shoving my promotional package at anyone who will take it, and playing. Just keep playing. He gave me the contact information for the former Concertmaster (1st chair violinist) for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra whom he suggests I take lessons from and I was on my way. Oh my. This next year could have a lot of music in store for me.

2. A friend came over and we made PIE!!! From scratch! It was my first time, and coming from a family of grandmas who can just whip pies out of their ears I was quite proud of outcome.... it tasted fantastic too! We made the crust with whole wheat flour and used honey instead of sugar. Pear,apple,cranberry inside and a crumbly oat/walnut topping! SO GOOD!

3. After making pie we went for a beautiful run through the river valley. My friend is quite the runner I must say, and she has been very helpful in my desire to run a 10K one day soon. She is very encouraging, and I don't feel like I slow poke when I run with her. She kicks my butt at running every time, but it has been so great to get outside and run trails and hills not all by myself. I'll admit my legs are burning a little bit tonight, but it is good for me I keep telling myself.

4. We came back to a crock-pot full of stew, and fresh bread from the bakery down the road. Her husband came over and all four of us loaded up our bowls and enjoyed dinner, dessert, and a movie together.

5. My heart is full of beautiful moments with people these days.


See..I knew you like to make lists :)! Yours are a tad bit more beautiful than mine which are on a colored sticky note.