a gander with Forest

This evening Arden and I hung out with some of our favorite people. They are one family in this world that just spreads so much love, life, and beauty to everyone around them. Their little son Forest is probably one of the dearest small ones I have ever met! He is not even two years old, and he communicates so well. After Arden prayed for him during his dedication at church, he looked up and said,
"Thank you Arden!"

This evening we met up with Josh and Jenny for treats at the Wild Earth Cafe near our house, and then bundled up to go to the park with Forest. Such a precious time. They love people so freely and openly.

Forest was really excited about his muffin treat that he got at the cafe. I said, "Check it out! Forest has an awesome muffin!" For the rest of the night, "Check it out!" was Forest's favorite line!

He slid down the slide.
"Check it out!"

He went on the swings.
"Check it out!"

He pointed at the moon.
"Check it out!"

He showed us his toy bus at home.
"Check it out!"

He played his little guitar.
"Check it out!"

Forest's uncle taught him to say a line from Forest Gump...
"I just ran, and I ran, and I ran, and I didn't stop." Coming from a two year olds mouth is the most awesome thing ever.

So precious. They are such a beautiful family. We were able to talk about love and marriage and family and people and giving and community and art. Josh and Jenny are very much in love and Forest is so dearly loved by his Mom and Dad. I am thankful for dear friends. I am thankful for people that identify and encourage Jesus things in everyone around them.

Forest and I made a bus out of building blocks. He showed me his sunshine bouncy ball. Then he played the guitar and he told me to dance on the special carpet. Then he told us about the mouse that was discovered in their old couch. Now they have a new one because, "mouse poo makes Mommy sad."

Josh and Jenny showed us their wedding pictures and told us about when they set up their newly married apartment... then Arden and I went home. Forest told us that we "have to go sleep on our own family bed."