Definitely Autumn

I'm pretty sure autumn is my favorite season.

I love how it is cooling off. Time to whip out snuggly sweaters, scarves, jackets and enjoy apple cider.

McIntosh apples have always been my favorite. I'm eating about two of them a day because they are so great.

I love watching the river valley leaves turn color right outside my window. Yesterday when I went running all the yellow leaves swirled around my feet in the wind.

I love being all warm inside and doing homey things. I had this afternoon off from work, so I made tea and whipped out my first batch of cookies of the season. Definitely an autumn thing to do.

Today is a big fat two months of marriage awesome-ness. I'm lovin' love and marriage a whole lot. I'm surprised at how not weird this whole marriage thing has been. Is that weird? It's basically been, "Oh, you're here now. I'm your wife and you're my husband. Sweeeeeeet." the whole time.

One of the things I have always loved about Arden is how he makes me feel like I have come home. Two months into life as husband and wifey-poo, it still stands true.


Carla said…
nope - not wierd at all. I totally know what you mean. :)