I finally found a photo of the biggest rip off of the century. A couple months ago when I was trying to find a "vintage" wedding cake topper for our wedding I came across this in a Martha Stewart (blah) magazine!

I liked it a lot and decided to see if I could order one off the internet. They are made by a company called Patch NYC and because they are custom made, they require 4 months of lead time, and the starting price is $500!!! For a cake topper!

Despite its price, I still really liked it. I looked for alternate, different cake toppers but wasn't up to bidding recklessly on dusty, hand-me-down ones on ebay. So, after a little inspiration from a lady that was in the same boat as me, I made a little trip to Michael's. Several evenings of watching movies and lots and lots of stitching later, I came up with this! My friend Jean who used to run a floral business helped by arranging the flowers. Pretty sweet hey?

It's my one claim to extreme craftiness and I was pretty stoked with the outcome! Say "No!" to $500 cake toppers!

Happy Thursdays little hearts!


Carla said…
Erika, that was not only sweet... it was sweet times ten billion.