bird bath.

I had a little bit of insomnia last night and could not fall asleep until 2am. It's bad to not be able to sleep. It's during times like such that I become the most crafty. I gave our little ghetto bathroom a little bit of a makeover. Wow. I am so cool. Yay for remodeling in the wee hours of the morning. I love birds so I brought them to our water closet!

I found this print when I was thrift-ing through second hand stores.

A little collage I did with left over scraps from a t-shirt I cut up and a little inspiration from a poem by A.A. Milne.

More scraps of bird fabric from the table cloths my Mom made for our wedding.

I found this brass bird while thrift-ing too! I love buttons!

Today I had a busy day of music playing, community involvement, and words to meditate on... there is much going on in this little heart. Good talks with friends. Such meaningful dialogues. Arden and I have received a lot of confirmation in our desire to start an art/music/worship response/collective/community/church/coffee shop/inner city ministry. This week will hold a lot of prayer over this desire/passion of ours. More meetings and dialogues with leaders in store for the end of next week. I know this sounds really vague, but I promise there will be more clarity over this subject by the end of next week. All we know is that there has been significant confirmation by individuals in our lives to get this crazy idea rolling as of... the past few days.

I need to go running.