times are a changin'

It's official! I am a wife. Last night I made my first berry/apple crisp and tonight I baked my first loaves of bread. Yup. Wife.

I am slowly settling into my new home that I share.... with my husband. I'm finding as we sort and find places for the beautiful gifts people have given us, we are needing to rid ourselves of old "stuff". Not having a car makes things a little harder to drop off used things at thrift stores and pawn shops but I have discovered that our dumpster is a prime dumpster diving spot. If you put used things in a box right beside the dumpster, they usually disappear within an hour. Today during a trip out after a flurry of purging our home of "things" I ran into a friendly homeless man. He was scavenging the dumpster for recycle-ables and when I ran into him he was eating left over cookies someone had thrown away. "Gotta find some food for that man." I thought as walked into our apartment for a second load. Not knowing how long he would be sticking around, I whipped open the fridge and grabbed the first things I saw. A bag of cherries and an apple. I grabbed the last load and scamperred outside. Placing my things down, I handed the fellow my offerring of fruit. Fruit!? All I got is fruit for this man!?

"Heeeeeey. Thanks. I was just poking around for lunch. Thanks miss. You made my afternoon!"

"See you around." I said walking back inside.