practically a home

Arden and I are slowly getting all are things organized. Oh the things you accumulate when two people share a home. This morning I decided to roam around our little apartment with our camera snapping photos of our place. We are so content with where we are at.... tucked right up against the river valley trails, a five minute walk away from Whyte Ave, and a delightful community bakery and grocery store right across the street. I love the Old Strathcona area and our artsy little neighborhood. Some people say that when you get married people people stop calling you. That has definitely not been the case as we have enjoyed having people over and we even had our first overnight guest on Tuesday.

Beautiful coffee table we received as a wedding gift and our wonderful fish friends.

Those paintings were painted by some dear friends for the wedding. We love them!

This morning's breakfast. Banana walnut bread+cheese+coffee.
Note to all: Erika loves having friends over for tea. Don't be a stranger.


Oh, your home is so like you, sweet! It's nice to see some posts here again -- and I'm so glad that the table wasn't too hard to put together. It seems to fit very well in your super place. I feel your joy just reading this blog! Do keep it up!!

Carla said…
awww! So cute, Erika! I can't wait to come have tea sometime. I'm glad you're posting on your blog again.