one month

Arden and I have been married for one month today! It has been the best thing ever! We were talking today about what has been so awesome about marriage!

-Never having to take the bus way over to the other side of the city at night time. We get to share a home together which is so awesome.

-To feel utterly treasured by someone.

-joy joy JOY! So much joy!

-Being the geekiest couple ever. Last night we fell asleep talking about space, time travel, black holes, and whether or not there is life on other planets. We are so ultra cool!

Today when Arden came home he brought me a pretty awesome surprise!

Flowers from Laurel's Garden shop! They did the flowers for our wedding!

Yes you are reading correctly.... he did call me wifey poo. I have the best husband ever!
The card came complete with dinner at the High Level Diner tonight! It was so great to walk along the river valley, enjoy a sweet meal together, and talk about love, community, and art.


darien said…
and I could not be happier for you! Congrats!