new art for new times

Been busy with life lately, but I've been taking time to work on art a couple afternoons/evenings a week. I'm now bold enough to call it art, I used to just call it "crafts" or an "alternate way to journal".

I should really get myself a sewing machine that works, an easel and real paints but right now I am content with my little sewing kit and living room floor.

Art that inspires me: This girl makes crafty things out of her own home and sells them for a living!

Music that inspires art: I dumped her CD "These Friends of Mine" on my ipod and first listened to it on the bus. Two of her songs made me bawl right there on the bus. I have no shame.

People that inspire me:

Did this one during an art afternoon with friends. Thinking about music/art and how sometimes I struggle to validate my own art. What makes art good or bad?

I've had a shirt that a bought for a friend for her birthday two years ago. After it didn't fit I've been promising to sew portions of it on a different shirt. I finally cracked down and did it. The little bird is from the original shirt... the buttons and embroidered "fly, fly" are my own touches.

On a completely random note.... last weekend Arden went on our first married camping trip with our church! There were about 75 people that checked into the group camp site, which means we had a little camping village! Arden and I had probably the smallest tent, but everyone for some reason thought it was the bomb. Probably because of it's vintage flair and newly wed coziness! :)

Happy Thursdays Friends!